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Professional Certification 

Attn: Morris County SHRM Certified Members:

• Once you receive your certification, the next step is to stay certified! Click here to find some certification opportunities to take advantage of.

• Are you not certified but want to be and looking to take the certification exam?  Morris County SHRM offers two scholarships a year; fall and Spring.  Its time to submit your application for the Fall award!  

• Morris County chapter offers a SHRM Learning System study group (CP and SCP exams) to assist you in your quest for certification!  Join us virtually to prepare for the upcoming spring testing cycle.  

For more information on any Certification issues and/or questions, please contact Janet Krusche.

Are you looking to earn your SHRM certification for the New Year?  Are you trying to do it via self-study? If so, did you know that the Morris County chapter offers a SHRM Learning System study group to assist you in your quest for certification!  The group is designed for individuals preparing for both the CP and SCP exams.  We are looking to kick off a group for the spring testing cycle. The Morris County chapter meets virtually, so you have great flexibility to participate!
For further details and information or general questions, please email Janet Krusche, Morris County SHRM Certification chairman who would be happy to answer the questions.  

Are you a certified HR professional? If so, have you taken the "pathway" to add on the new SHRM Certification?? It's easy and it's FREE for 2015! Go to, then click on "I am a Certified Professional" and get started! It will take about an hour and you will learn all about the new SHRM Certification - and a lot about yourself!

Interested in the MC SHRM Certification Scholarship Program? Apply for our SHRM Scholarship! Click here to learn more. Contact Janet Krusche Certification Committee Chair, for further details/questions.

SHRM is committed to ensuring that the certification our members achieve is recognized as best in class and distinguishes them in and prepares them for today’s marketplace. Click here for the new updates/changes.


Newly Certified Give Rave Reviews for Chapter’s HRCI Study Group Success!
By: Barbara Schultz, SPHR and Lynn Beaulieu, SPHR

Both of us agree there are many different approaches to studying for the HRCI Certification exam to earn   your PHR, SPHR or GPHR credentials (not to mention the CA certifications!).  One is participation in a formal review course featuring the SHRM Learning System.  This course is offered through either a scholarship program sponsored by our partners at Fairleigh Dickinson University or a chapter sponsored scholarship to attend another educational forum offered throughout NJ.  Other options include ordering study books from the SHRM online bookstore as well as joining the chapter’s free HRCI Study Support Group.

In our preparation, we used all of these approaches.  Without question, we found the most beneficial was the interaction between participants at the chapter’s HRCI Study Group sessions.  Each week we reviewed the study guides, answered questions and discussed topics or reviewed case studies.  For us, this was a great way to reinforce the material from the SHRM Learning System while also learning from our colleagues sharing relevant experiences.  Led by the chapter’s Certification Chair and other certified members, everyone contributed to enhancing our knowledge base.  The thought provoking questions and accompanying theories as to why an answer was either correct or incorrect, immensely helped us toward ultimately passing the SPHR exam.  It was thrilling to see the "passed” message come up on the computer screen knowing that our commitment and consistent approach to preparing got us to that exciting moment in our careers.
If you are one of the many HR professionals seeking to boost your career and earning potential by preparing to sit for one of the HRCI exams, we invite you to apply for the Chapter’s HRCI scholarship program and join the HRCI Study Group sessions.  The Study Group is a free benefit for chapter members and conveniently held after work (typically between 6 and 8 pm) at the Morris County Public Library.  You are welcome to join either a specific session or a series of sessions depending upon your study needs.  If you would like to learn more about applying for the scholarship or attending the study sessions please email the Certification Chair, Diana Black.
Interested in Becoming Certified or Adding New Credentials?

Morris County SHRM makes it easy for you!
  We make it simple to go through the process providing a scope and depth of personalized support throughout your SHRM exam preparation.  Scholarships are available for qualified Morris County SHRM chapter members making it affordable for those who either do not receive reimbursement from their employer for the study course and SHRM exam fee or are in transition seeking to expand their career opportunities.

As one of our scholarship recipients, Christine Benson, PHR, relayed to members: "This was the best move I’ve made for my career.  After earning my credentials, my employer recognized the increased value I brought to the business and gave me a raise!  I highly recommend this step for anyone wanting to really show their dedication to achieving this level of professionalism in their career.”

If you are considering achieving your credentials, read on to learn more about Certification, it’s benefits and the certification process

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What is Certification?
 It is a voluntary action by a professional group to establish a system that grants recognition to professionals who meet a stated level of training and work experience.  Certified individuals receive an institution sealed certificate attesting that they meet the standards of the credentialing organization which entitles the recipient to add credentials following their name.

Q: "What is the difference between getting credentialed and getting a Certificate in HR Management?” 
The SHRM credentials differ from certificate programs because the credentialing criteria include the critical experience component combined with rigorous testing on the complete HR Body of Knowledge.   

In comparison, Certificate programs are a great way to begin exploring the field of HR.  The learning institution validates that you completed the required courses and does not require previous work experience to enroll.   These courses also do not require the scope and depth of testing as does SHRM in order to complete the program.

Q:  What are the Benefits of being credentialed in the HR profession?
Similar to a CPA’s credibility in the world of Finance, HR certification is a career-long commitment that demonstrates to your colleague and your organization that you are serious about your chosen profession.  The SHRM requirements for continuous learning through validated through re-certification ensure that those credentialed remain up to date with the latest employment laws along with other best practice changes. 

Achieving your SHRM credentials firmly places you in an elite group of HR professionals internationally recognized for their level of knowledge and expertise increasing your level of confidence as a professional.

Q. What are the current SHRM exam eligibility requirements?

  Less Than Bachelors Degree
  Bachelors Degree     Graduate   
  HR Related
Non HR Related
  HR Related
Non HR Related
  HR Related
Non HR Related


SHRM CP  3 Years
in HR Role
4 Years
in HR Role
  1 Year
in HR Role
2 Years
in HR Role
HR Role
1 Year
in Role
6 Years 
in HR Role
7 Years
in HR Role
  4 Years
in HR Role
5 Years
in HR Role
  3 Years
in HR Role

4 Years
in HR


For more details visit the SHRM website today to learn more and obtain an exam application.

Q.  What support is available if I decide to go for my credentials?
Certification Study Group Please click here for details.

As a special free benefit, Morris County-SHRM chapter members are invited to join the SHRM Certification Study Group sessions held at the conveniently located virtually and in the Morris County Library.  This Study Group is intended to either supplement your participation in a SHRM Learning System course (such as those offered at Fairleigh Dickinson University) or to provide guidance and support should you choose to study on your own for the SHRM exam. 

The Study Group team is dedicated to providing you with the opportunity to stay focused and be well prepared for your all important career goal - becoming credentialed as a SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP. Spearheaded by the Certification Chair, and managed by Study Group Co-Chairs and Advocates, who are SHRM credentialed chapter members including those who recently passed the SHRM exam.  This combination of knowledge and experience makes the team extremely well qualified to bring you key information, study tips and resources that will enhance your learning and retention experience in preparation to sit for and potentially pass the HRCI exam. 

Resources such as the Certification Guide, online HRCI questions and SHRM Learning System test questions are used as support tools.  You also receive their dedicated support, encouragement along with personal coaching as your champions to maneuver through issues often faced by those in the study process (i.e.: managing business and personal obligations).

Q.  Where and when does the Certification Study Group meet?

Weekly Study Group sessions are usually held Wednesday evenings from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the
Morris County Library located at: 30 E. Hanover Ave., Whippany, NJ or virtually at your home.

Q.  How to I join the CSG?
You may join the sessions at any time during the pre-exam period each spring and fall.  Check the dates and times on our Events Calendar page for details and current location. 

Do You Hold a PHR Certification?

Have you experienced a promotion or are planning to add additional strategic responsibilities to your role?  If so, you may be interested in earning the SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP certifications to align your type of certification to your new or future work role.


We invite you to explore for SPHR profile, exam content and eligibility requirements, application details and preparation resources, including a quiz and assessment exam.  Join our chapter study group to gain the support you need to prepare for either the SPHR or GPHR exam. Please read the details above pertaining to our Study Group, highlighted in red. 

For any questions regarding Certification, please contact our Chairperson, Janet Krusche.